Take Your Cat to the Vet Week

Petfinder.com, an online database of animals who need homes as well as shelters and adoption organizations in North America, has declared ‘Take Your Cat to the Vet Week’ (Aug 22-28). You may wonder why there is a need but mounting evidence shows that despite the fact cats are the number one pet in North America, they visit the veterinarian half as often as dogs. There are many reasons for this disparity, ranging from misconceptions about signs of illness in cats to the difficulties of getting a cat into a carrier.

Sylvie with cat 2010Several initiatives have been developed to help educate cat owners so that cats get the care they need, including:

Healthy Cats for Life: learn the Subtle Signs of Sickness in cats

Catalyst Council: learn how to make veterinary visits less stressful for you and your cat

Care for Cats: a Canadian initiative that has declared 2011 ‘The Year of the Cat’ in an effort to ‘get rid of the myths and give the facts!’

Canadians love their cats – 35% of our homes have one. And we open our doors to more cats than dogs – we own 8.5 million cats compared with 6.0 million dogs. However, we don’t provide the same degree of veterinary care for our feline friends as we do for dogs. In fact, in one survey, 50% of the cats had not been to a veterinarian in the previous year.

Do your cat a favour – schedule a wellness examination this week!


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