Teaching and Learning: September 2011

Continuing education is very important for veterinarians, just as it is for other professionals. Dr. Susan Little and Dr. Glenys Hughes attended the 2011 World Feline Veterinary Conference held recently in Boston. Almost 500 veterinarians and veterinary technicians/nurses from around the world took advantage of 3 days of expert lectures. Topics included lower urinary tract disease, cognitive dysfunction in senior cats, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. The conference was hosted by the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the International Society of Feline Medicine.


Dr. Little attended the Tufts University Canine and Feline Breeding and Genetic Conference this month, also in Boston. This conference brought together about 100 veterinarians and breedersj0178656 whose main interest is a healthier future for our purebred dog and cat breeds. Dr. Little gave a lecture on some common problems in cats such as ovarian remnant syndrome, mammary hyperplasia, and cryptorchidism. The conference was sponsored by several organizations, including the Winn Feline Foundation, a non-profit organization that sponsors research on feline health problems. Dr. Little has been involved with Winn for many years, and is a past-president.


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