Good Cat! Help With Feline Behaviour Problems

While we love our cats, we often don’t understand their behaviour and sometimes serious problems develop. Common feline behaviour problems include aggression, destructive scratching, failure to use the litter box, and eating plants. It’s important to know that what may appear to be a behaviour problem may actually have a medical cause, so consulting your veterinarian is always the best first step. For example, failure to use the litter box could be a sign of intestinal or urinary problems. Veterinarians are also able to help with purely behavioural problems and are one of the best sources of information to help answer your questions. However, in this digital age, we also turn to the internet for help and there are undoubtedly many good (and bad!) sources of information available.

Good cat

Good Cat! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions by pet behavior consultant and journalist Steve Dale presents answers to common problems seen in both kittens and adult cats. It’s written in an easy-to-read question and answer style and is a useful book for both new cat owners and experienced ones. And the book is affordable – it’s available as an e-book for readers such as the Kindle and iPad. The 14 chapters contain insights and answers about issues such as training kittens, adopting a new cat, shy and fearful cats, aggression, and cats living with dogs.

Other reliable sources of information on feline behaviour include:

Veterinary Partner

Cornell Feline Health Center


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