Urban Tigers

UrbanTigersCoverCropHave you ever wondered what it’s like to be a cat veterinarian? Now you can find out! Urban Tigers, Tales of a Cat Vet is a novel written by Kathy Chisholm. Kathy is the wife of our friend, Dr. Hugh Chisholm, the owner of one of the first cat-only veterinary practices in Canada. This warm-hearted novel tells the story of the fictional Dr. Emily McBride and her first year of practice in a cats-only clinic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The novel is full of characters drawn from real life, such as Dr. Emily’s mentor, Dr. Hughie Doucette, and Mrs. Eunice Dalrymple, a cat psychic. This novel is perfect for anyone who has ever owned a cat and been curious about the daily life of a cat hospital. Urban Tigers, Tales of a Cat Vet is available from Amazon. Enjoy!


About The Cat Hospitals

Veterinary care exclusively for cats
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